Taylor + Josh

Oct 10, 2019

“With just one touch of your hand, I knew.”

It was a regular day for Josh. He just got off work and was headed downtown for a beer with some buddies. He never expected for his whole world to completely change with just one look.

Taylor just finished her Zumba class and after multiple texts back and fourth with friends begging her to come out, Taylor finally gave in. She never expected for her whole world to completely change with just one look.

Josh spotted Taylor across the bar and could not believe his eyes.

Taylor and her friends were just on their way out. Josh knew he had two choices, stay or take a chance. He took his chance and ran after Taylor who was just about to close the door to her Uber. Josh stopped the door and told Taylor how he thought she was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. (I’m totally swooning at that part. . . eeekkk)

They exchange names, numbers, and handshakes. Hahaha

. . . and the rest is just the beginning



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